Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

The National Research Council of Italy (CNR) participates in the project consortium with two of its institutes, both located in Rome. The Institute of Acoustics and Sensors “O. M. Corbino” (CNR-IDASC) has capabilities for test and calibration of hydrophones and underwater transducers in the frequency range from a few kHz up to about 500 kHz. Measurements are done in a 6 m x 4 m x 5.5 m water tank with two windows that allow combined acoustic and optical measurements. The Marine Technology Institute (CNR-INSEAN) has well known scientific expertise and a number of facilities (both indoor and outdoor) where underwater noise measurements produced by maritime infrastructures and technologies are commonly carried out. A number of national and international research programmes focused on innovative marine propulsion systems, underwater acoustics, cavitation and underwater noise reduction are ongoing. Focal point at national scale for both technology and industrial research for maritime mobility and for the Italian Maritime Cluster.


Silvano Buogo is a researcher at the Institute of Acoustics “O. M. Corbino” (IDASC) of the National Research Council of Italy. He received a degree in Physics in 1990 from the University of Rome “Sapienza”. He joined IDASC in 1991 as a research fellow, became researcher in 1999 and was confirmed with a permanent position in 2009. He has been visiting scholar in 1993-1994 at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, and research assistant in 1996 at NATO SACLANTCEN (now CMRE) at La Spezia, Italy. He is currently responsible for the underwater acoustic laboratory at IDASC. His main interests are: underwater acoustic measurements, bubble dynamics, medical ultrasound.

Salvatore Mauro is a researcher at the Marine Technology Research Institute INSEAN of the National Research Council of Italy. He received a degree in Nautical Sciences in 1989 from Parthenope University of Naples (formerly Istituto Universitario Navale) and achieved in 1994 a PhD in Naval Engineering at the Dept. of Naval Engineering “Federico II” of the Naples University. Employee as research scientist at CNR-INSEAN since 1995, he has been mainly involved in ship´s manoeuvrability and ship´s propulsion. He is currently in charge for the CNR-INSEAN Outdoor Manoeuvring Basin and his main interests are: ship manoeuvrability/controllability, underwater acoustic measurements, ship propulsion.