Danish National Metrology Institute

The Danish Institute for Fundamental Metrology (DFM) was established the 20th of August 1985 as an autonomous institute as described in the Weight and Measures law nr 173 from the 28th of April 1982. Subsequentially, Danish Fundamental Metrology A/S was created on December 29th 2005, and is fully owned by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), though it operates as an independent company. DFM is located in the main campus of DTU in Kongens Lyngby, approximately 10 km north of Copenhagen. DFM’s permanent staff numbers 30. Out of those, 24 are researchers with a doctorate degree.

DFM is the National Metrology Institute in Denmark and provides traceable measurements and measurement technology to laboratories and industry. DFM is research-oriented and focuses on specific areas that can strengthen DFM's international profile.

DFM’s Acoustic Laboratory is equiped with measurement systems for calibration of Acoustic instrumentation at Primary and Secondary level.


Salvador Barrera-Figueroa is a Senior Scientist at DFM. He obtained his PhD at the Technical University of Denmark in 2004, joining DFM soon afterwards. Previously, he was a Metrologist at the National Metrology Centre of Mexico. His scientific activity is oriented to calibration of acoustic transducers and measurement methods.