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“The Workshop offers the stakeholder community the chance to interact with the consortium of EURAMET’s EMPIR 15RPT02 “UNAC-LOW” Joint Research Project, through dissemination of project’s results obtained so far and adaptation of its next activities to current stakeholders’ needs.
The Project aims at developing the European Metrological Capacity in underwater acoustic calibration for acoustic frequencies below 1 kHz by providing traceable measurement capabilities to meet the need for calibration of hydrophones and autonomous underwater acoustic recorders, in support of regulation and EU Directives dealing with marine enviromental noise protection.
Stakeholders that can benefit from Project results and improvements include:

  • Industrial manufacturers and suppliers of hydrophones and underwater sound measuring systems;
  • End user community (scientific institutes, consultants, academia, …)
  • Regulatory bodies and licensing authorities dealing with environmental impact assesment.”

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